While focusing on offering a wider array of business intelligence solutions and analytics to companies of all sizes, berryBI makes its priority to deeper understand data and improve business processes, while reducing costs. We pay particular attention on enhancing collaborative BI, user-friendliness and self-service capabilities.


"Without data you're just another person with an opinion" -
W. Edwards Deming





We will provide business analysis and identify your needs. We will organize, structure, aggregate and consolidate your data; collect and preserve your data and evaluate its quality.

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If you have data... we can provide:

  • Raw-data analysis (transforming huge amounts of data into user-friendlier and more understandable repositories)
  • Data integration, which involves data combination and providing of a unified view of the data
  • Data profiling and extracting relevant information
  • Data warehousing & data transfer

If you do not know what to start with… we will offer:

  • Business analysis
  • Existing systems’ analysis & mapping
  • Data analysis
  • Customer data management

If you doubt in data quality… then you need:

  • Data testing
  • Data quality analysis

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We will connect your data with your business model and requirements. We will design, develop and deploy your business intelligence reporting system and visualize the result.

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If you want to understand your data better… you might be interested in:

  • Data warehouse modelling
  • Data structuring (including raw data structuring)
  • Information reporting & data visualising
  • Predictive analysis
  • Logical correlation of business models with data warehouse models

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We will help you extract needed information for making better business decisions and consult you in data management and building the BI roadmap.

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If you want to run business even more effectively … we can facilitate:

  • Data management & documentation
  • Consultation & business analysis support
  • Data interpretation

… or assist with:

  • Evaluating & choosing the proper BI & DWH tools
  • Building a data-driven strategy

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why us?
Business intelligence

Technologies that are used by berryBI include but are not limited to WebFocus, SAP Business Objects, Tableau, IBM Cognos, Oracle OBI, Sybase IQ, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, iWay and Pentaho.

We are flexible, adaptive and experienced in various fields. We do not position ourselves as experts in just ONE particular BI tool avoiding being dependent on a SINGLE software. BerryBI offers a wide range of tools and techniques crafting them to the needs of the client.
andmelao loomine
We will understand your business. Depending on your needs, analyzing issues you have and taking into account your current tools we will offer the most appropriate way to improve the processes and practices within the company.
We offer entire and complete solutions for companies of all sizes. This would include data warehouse, data transfer, business analysis and reporting
ärianalüüsi lahendused
We have 15 years experience in data warehousing
that's us
experts in BI and DWH We will become your reliable partner who will assist you and represent a project-based workforce to cover your temporary needs. We will professionally manage your BI and DWH projects.
Ivar-Illimar Ots -CEO, consultant
Ivar-Illimar Ots

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Motivated and self-driven BI & DWH professional with more than 15 years’ experience in IT and financial spheres. Areas of expertise include data modeling, data quality, controlling, finance, project management and various specialties of analytics. Tech-savvy person with well-developed soft skills.

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Anna-Liisa Roomet - analyst/consultant
Anna-Liisa Roomet

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 Quick learner and adaptive analyst/developer with project management experience. Young professional with Master’s Degree in Business Information Technology who is really passionate about helping business side to understand their needs and fulfill their necessities.

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Marina Dmitrijeva berrybi
Marina Dmitrijeva

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 Responsible and precise analyst with 7 years' experience in reporting and testing. Education in Informatics and experience with Business Objects and Webfocus. Has strong logical thinking and creative approach for finding solutions.

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berrybi_contact Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, let's discuss your needs and find solutions together!

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